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My story

Nearly 30 years

25 years ago I had a thought – how about turning my life around and going to Italy? I had been packed even before I finished considering the answer!
And this is how I reached my beloved Umbria, the marvelously green region in the heart of Italy.
 It was love at first sight!
Why??? I am happy to explain!

Love to Italy



Italians: joyful, full of life and interested in other people’s lives. They talk, talk and….talk, gesticulating wildly! Just like me... :)


History: watch out!!! Each stone you tread on may turn out to be a historical monument, you breathe history here…


Art: good old Leonardo da Vinci, and young beautiful Silvia Ranchicchio. Next in line are Prada, Cavalli, Valentino, and Dolce & Gabbana.


Sceneries and nature: mountains, lakes, the sea, beaches, hills, volcanoes, vineyards - take your pick… all of them are breath-taking.


Coffee: a morning without a cup of espresso? Come on now, you must be kidding! A visit in the coffee bar and a chat with the bartender is a must every morning.


La Dolce Vita: sit down in a coffee shop facing a beautiful fountain (I’m sure you will find one in every Italian town), with your legs crossed, your sunglasses on, put on a little show, a glass of red wine in your hand, take your mind off your problems, and there you have it, ladies and gentlemen - la dolce vita – life tastes great!


Sunshine, sunshine and … even more sunshine.


Music: Al Bano and Romina. There is nothing more to add here. Is there anyone who had not fall in love while listening to their songs?? Me? More than once... :)


And finally, Italian cuisine, which has always been my passion… it simply stole my heart… pizza, spaghetti, lasagna, frutti di mare, tiramisù... a never-ending list… and it is also worth mentioning that every meal is virtually a ritual… the whole family gathers at the table… it makes you want to seat, talk, and laugh while drinking splendid wine…

One day, an idea was born: why not take a piece of that world with us to Poznań?

And that’s how it started...


Italian Restaurant Pinco Pallino

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