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T-Bone Fiorentina

T-Bone Fiorentina – time for Tuscan Steaks

Tuscany is not only sun, wine and sea. Whole world knows and loves Italian cuisine. Theres no way to skip gorgeous ingredient as T-Bone steak – loin and striploin connected by T-shaped bone

Steaks not only from America

In gastronomy, when it comes to steaks (rare, medium or well done), first place belongs to Americans. But T-Bone steaks are also very popular in Tuscan cuisine. Meat has unique flavour and smell thanks to high quality way of cutting and process known as „frollatura”, which takes about 60 days - steaks owe tenderness and juiciness to it.

Pasta, pizza, panini and pandzanella with a glass of excelent chianti are most popular choices in Italian menu. However, customers unanimously give culinary star to T-Bone Fiorentina Steaks.

T-Bone Fiorentina – steaks for best grades

How famous Tuscan steaks are made? Key for successful dish is extraordinary beef – chinina – which comes from one of the oldest breeds of cows in the world, bred in Val di Chiana Valley. Meat is aged for 45 days, dry-ripened and roasted on charcoal grill. All of these actions pay off with unforgettable taste experience.

Fiorentina T-Bone Steaks don’t need special recommendations. It’s culinary masterpiece itself. In our restaurant we try to recreate traditional taste of Tuscany for our guests. Most important stage of preparing T-Bone is moment of grilling it. Genuine Fiorentina is served medium-rare. Meat should be tender and juicy inside.

Excellent flavour, freshness, peculiar character and incomperable quality of young meat on the bone causes that dish is not available everyday. Poznań – Garbary 59. Come and taste!

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