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Truffles are the most expensive mushrooms in the world and a real delicacy for mushroom pickers.

They don’t attract with their appearance, but rather with the legends that surround them. They are called „the fruits of the earth” and they have already been known thousands of years ago. Some people claim that they were picked already 3600 years ago! They were eaten in the Roman Empire, and in the Middle Ages they were identified with devilish powers. Because of their appearance and the fact that they grew underground, they were called "children of the devil" ... And yet, they came to the culinary hearts of connoisseurs who evaluate their taste and aroma as a unique, almost sensual ...

Truffles are very difficult to find without much experience and… dogs. An interesting fact is that one day pigs were used to look for truffles, but they tried to eat them immediately after finding, so it took a lot to take the truffles away from them.

It is said to be the most expensive product in the world. In Italy, more precisely in my Umbria, because of the high price of truffles picking them is controlled by law! For one small mushroom in Poland you can even pay 300 PLN ... It so happens that I have lived for 27 years in Umbria, which is known in the world as the capital of black truffles. For this reason, as the only person in Poznań I am a direct importer of this black gold. If I could persuade you to try this delicacy, I invite you to my atmospheric restaurant. I have prepared a lot of traditional Italian dishes for you with the addition of truffles. I'm sure you will love them just as I do.



Italian Restaurant Pinco Pallino

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